Tobacco seriously damages your health.
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We aim at selling cigars, comparable with Dutch a-brands, with an, on average 40% reduction. We achieve this by selling over productions or cigars with little traces of colour, via the internet. We only sell on the internet, so we do not have big overhead. Our clients are satisfied by our quality, service and the prices of our cigars. If your here for the first time, you can experience this yourself.  

 No sending cigars to Belgium, Greece, and other countries

Because of new european laws, it's not allowed to send cigars to; Belgium, Greece, Luxemburg, Spain, Austria, Letland, Hungry, Cypris Litouwen and Portugal 

No sendingcosts cigars for Germany

If you order at sigarenverkoop for a amount that is higher than 120 euro's, there will be no charge for sendingcosts.

Photo's with dummy

As you can see we have placed wooden dummy's at the boxes instead of cigars. This is because the Dutch law don't allow that we show you cigars. Ofcourse we send you the real cigars!