How to smoke a cigar

Well, had a nice dinner, now let's light up a cigar. Cigar between your teeth, candle light, a few puffs... That you start to question yourself who even made this bitter cigar! Obviously that's not the way to do it.

You can, however, enjoy the cigar when you follow this guide: Take your cigar between thumb and index finger, hold it at a slight angle, now take a gass lighter (when using matches, first burn all the sulphur) and hold it just under the tip of the cigar. Turn it around for a bit, just untill the edges start to glow, warm it up a little more, if neccessary blow it a bit of turn it around just a little more. The delicious smell proves the cigar is at it's right temperature. Gentle, small puffs bring you the most pleasure.

Tips when smoking cigars

The less smoke you take in, the softer the taste and the more odorous the cigar will get. Sulphur, candles or petrol lighters: everything that's smoky is practically forbidden. Taste and odour are mostly recognized by the mouth and especially by the nouse. Your lungs don't really have a function when smoking a good cigar, they have no sense of taste: so don't take in. The sense of taste with a cigars is a game of taste and smell. Every game has it's own rules you should play by. When breaking these rules, the cigar will become bitter. Somebody once asked Zino Davidoff for the best way of smoking a cigar, the answer was this: imagine smoking a hundred dollar bill. You would want to experience that for as long as possible, wouldn't you? An ashcone on the end of the cigar makes sure the cigars stays at the right temperature, so don't tick off too quickly.

Finish smoking

In general a cigar is smoked untill you reach a 2/3. Stop when the cigar loses it's taste, there's no point to keep smoking untill the end. Don't kill the cigar when you're finished, leave it to die out in an ashtray.